Enhanced data collection fee

Samples will be issued with a basic data set of:

   - gender

   - age at time of sample acquisition

   - diagnosis

Further data items may be requested and, where available, the following will be included at no additional cost:

   - Grade/Stage

   - TNM

   - Receptor status

   - Number of nodes tested/positive

   - Size of tumour

If further, enhanced data items, such as those below, are requested these will incur additional charges, if available.  Treatment related data will be charged at £2 per case, Outcome (relapse, alive/dead) data at £1 per case and molecular data at £2 per case.  These data items may not be available for all cases.

Data item


 Molecular data (eg EGFR mutation status)


 Treatment data (eg. chemotherapy, radiotherapy)  


 Relapse data


 Alive, or Date and Cause of Death