How To Apply For Samples

Watch the short video below to find out more about applying biosamples and data from WCB:

WCB encourages researchers to initially make contact by completing the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. To view the type of samples we currently hold in the archive, access the online sample search facility below and take a brief moment to set up a free and instant account. The application process usually takes 3-4 weeks unless the reviewers request additional information; and your progress can be tracked online.

Following approval, your dedicated Applications Manager will inform you of the likely time to supply the required samples dependent on the number and type of samples requested. Shipping arrangements and costs are to be arranged and met by the receiving researcher/group.

Please note, a contribution towards cost recovery will be invoiced to the receiving group.

Sample Search

Click on the link below to search for samples, and please be aware of the following:

• There is an application process that is the same for all researchers
• All samples are anonymised and timescales for supply vary depending on requirements
• It is recommended that researchers familiarise themselves with the WCB conditions of supply when applying for samples

After Supply

Approvals are valid for three years after the first sample is received and samples can only be used for the purposes stated in an approved application.

If further or extended work is proposed, a document detailing the new or change of use should be submitted to your Applications Manager at :

Part of the conditions of supply stipulate that WCB should be acknowledged as samples suppliers in any article, poster, paper etc generated from research carried out on samples supplied by stating “Biosamples were obtained from the Wales Cancer Biobank (DOI:” WCB should be informed of the publication. WCB will be asking for the return of raw data from all supplied projects, post publication or IP exploitation to collate in a data warehouse for future bioinformatics.

Contact Applications Manager

If you’d like to find out more about accessing samples or data, please fill out the following contact form including a brief description of your requirements