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The Wales Cancer Biobank has a Lay Liaison and Ethics Group (LLEG) that is comprised of patients, lay members and project staff. This group meets 3-4 times per year in Cardiff and has an important role to play to ensure its members are actively involved in the operational decisions and future development of the biobank. We welcome and value the advice the patient members can give as people who are going through, or have gone through, the cancer journey.

Interested In Helping?

The group frequently consults on current WCB documentation and plays a huge part in helping to raise awareness of WCB with patient groups and organisations. They regularly review the communication action plan to ensure the public, patient groups, health professionals and research communities are kept up to date with developments.

If you are interested in joining this group please contact the
Central Administration Office.

Introducing Sue Campbell


“ Wales Cancer Biobank will never be a quick fix, but should be regarded as an investment for future generations. ”

Sue Campbell, LLEG Chair

Sue started work as a pathology lab technician with the MRC in London. She then looked after the dinosaurs at the British Museum of Natural History before joining the Scientific Civil Service. She became a specialist in entomological matters, particularly those dealing with insects of medical and public health significance both in the UK and abroad.

Sue was transferred to Wales to run the department within the Principality prior to early retirement. She has published a number of papers on the subject in various journals including the Lancet. She is a cancer survivor belonging to a family burdened with a variety of cancers and has always had a particular interest in the Wales Cancer Biobank. She considers it a particularly valuable and essential asset for researchers in this field both in the UK and abroad.

The main need it delivers is to get laboratory scientists to study real life – what is the biology of cancer in real patients as opposed to artificial laboratory and animal models. Sue has a particular interest in gynaecological cancers together with prostate cancer and radiotherapy.

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