“I have worked with Wales Cancer Biobank for a few years now and have always found them encouraging and supportive. Initially, I applied for access to samples using the ASTRA2 application process to accompany my research where I look at the role of the immune system in colorectal cancer.

The tissue I collect is processed in the lab and developed into organoids, also known as “3D mini-guts”.  These organoids are important for drug development and exploring how the immune system might

recognise and kill cancer cells, but not healthy cells. We are then able to show that the immune cells are targeting the cancer cells through specialised imaging.

This application was straightforward and the communication with the team was exceptional – always working with us to help us make the most of the samples we had applied for. Following on from the ASTRA application, I have since worked closely with WCB and collaborated on consenting the same patients – everyone has always been so patient and kind and always willing to help.

Finally, I have now started a 1-day a week position within the WCB to continue consenting patients with them and assist with lab-based experiments.”