My name is Kevin and I work for the Wales Cancer Biobank as a Research Nurse in UHW.

My job involves seeing patients who are about to undergo surgery for removal of a tumour or suspicious growth and to see if they are willing to donate tissue and blood samples, along with permission to anonymise parts of their medical notes and add this to our secure database. I am based in the Urology Clinic and my role is to explain how the Wales Cancer Biobank works; how and when the tissue is taken; how and where it is stored; and who has access to it. If the patient is happy to go ahead, I consent them.

The aim is to find better ways of diagnosing and treating cancer, and researchers apply to access these samples of blood and tissue for permission to study them. I started work for the Wales Cancer Biobank in January 2009 and initially, as well as consenting patients, we also used to do some lab work processing blood samples. Recently we have started using iPads for consenting patients instead of paper consents which has made the job much easier for me and I think patients prefer it too, as well as saving on paper.

Some patients actually ask why I am asking them for a donation of blood and tissue, assuming that this was done automatically without having to ask permission. I do enjoy my job as a Research Nurse for the Wales Cancer Biobank.

In my spare time I enjoy a bit of gardening, running and I volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Support, supporting clients via phone and occasionally Zoom. I also help with Barney’s Small Dog Rescue; at present my partner and I are fostering 2 dogs until they find their forever home. I also play guitar in a Punk Band.